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Broiler Drinkers


  • RELIA-FLOW® Nipple Drinking System for Broilers

    STEADI-FLOW® Broiler Drinker Also Available

    • Precision-machined, stainless steel parts in flow-control area.
    • Drinkers can be triggered from 360°.
    • All parts resist corrosion, and the U.V.-resistant gray PVC pipe blocks light to minimize algae growth.
    • Saddle-to-pipe assembly minimizes leaks by using a patented process without glue or o-rings.
    • Rigid aluminum support channel also serves as an anti-roost device.
    • Factory-assembled sections are easy to install and to operate and have low maintenance requirements.
    • Proven history of providing plenty of water for birds.



Poult Drinkers

ADVANTI-FLOW® Drinker for Poults

Featuring RELIA-FLOW® Drinker Technology

  • Poults get off to a good start by drinking from nipple discs and from litter-saving dual catch cups.
  • Birds get plenty of water, and floors stay drier.
  • “Pockets” in the uniquely designed drinker disc hold water to attract poults and direct water toward birds as they drink.
  • The disc also provides leverage for easier triggering during brood.
  • Innovative dual catch cups have a rounded edge for bird comfort and shallow depth to help prevent build-up.
  • Designed for use with birds up to six weeks of age.



PDS™ Drinker Controls

Simplify Watering System Management ... with Chore-Time’s Advanced PDS™ Controls

Chore-Time’s PDS™ (Pneumatic Drinking System) Controls offer poultry producers convenient control of the water pressure levels in all nipple drinker lines in the house.

  • Change the pressure in all lines or flush all lines from one remote location.
  • Program PDS™ Controls to automatically flush drinker lines as often as four times per day or as seldom as once a week.
  • Easily run “flush stimulations” to get cool water to the birds during hot weather.
  • Popular 4- and 8-station controls are now even easier to program with simple dial and button selection on the faceplate and no menus to navigate.



Drinker Accessories and Options

Drinker Accessories and Features

  • Self-Filling Mini Drinker with large float balls snaps over drinker saddle.
  • Chore-Time’s large button nipple holds a big bead of water that birds easily see.
  • Catch Cup option for high flow and super-high flow systems.
  • Slope Compensator makes it easier to manage increased water column due to floor slope.
  • Fully assembled pipes with channels are available with various nipple spacing options from six to 24 inches (15-61 cm).
  • Two channel options are available – heavy-duty or standard.
  • Optional Pre-Assembled Filter Control Panels include a water filter, medicator hook-up and all the necessary plumbing, ready to hang and connect.



Breeder Drinkers

  • RELIA-FLOW® Nipple Drinking System for Breeders with Lift Trigger

    STEADI-FLOW® Breeder Drinker Also Available

    • Chore-Time’s breeder nipple drinkers feature a lift trigger and shorter nipple pin. Less lateral movement keeps floors drier.
    • Drinkers feature stainless steel valve components and U.V.-resistant PVC pipe, valve housing, saddle and hangers.
    • Heavy-duty, rigid aluminum support channel resists corrosion better than galvanized conduits or pipe.
    • Saddle-to-pipe assembly minimizes leaks by using a patented process without glue or o-rings.
    • Factory-assembled sections simplify installation, and systems are easy to operate and maintain.
    • With Chore-Time, producers can maintain a lower drinker line height to accommodate variations in bird size and still keep floors and slats drier.



Drinker Comparison

  • Chore-Time’s RELIA-FLOW® and STEADI-FLOW® Drinkers Feature a University-Confirmed Flow Rate Consistent with the Way Birds Drink

    Chore-Time’s RELIA-FLOW® and STEADI-FLOW® Drinkers provide a reliable flow rate that is consistent with the way birds drink. University testing demonstrates that Chore-Time’s drinkers provide abundant water for birds. After all, the real measure of drinker performance is how much ends up in the birds, not in the beaker!

    RELIA-FLOW® Features and Benefits

    • Robust, precision-machined, stainless steel parts in flow-control area resist wear and retain their shape for long life and consistent, reliable flow.
    • Unitized, fully-assembled, one-piece valve is easily field replaceable to simplify retrofitting.


  • Patented process attaches saddle to pipe for a tight, consistent fit without the use of glue, gaskets or sonic welding.
  • Various available flow rates provide optimum water supply for chickens of all types and finishing weights and help maintain good litter conditions.


Be one of the satisfied customers who have experienced the RELIA-FLOW® Drinker's reliability and performance!

My two Relia-Flow houses are drier than the other six [houses], but performance is way better [with] heavier birds over the last five flocks.  Alabama Grower

I am completely satisfied with Relia-Flow drinkers. My floors are staying dry, but the weight of my birds has not suffered.  Georgia Grower



Regulators & Folding Stand Tubes

Simplify Watering System Management ... with Chore-Time’s Drinker Regulators & Folding Stand Tubes

Chore-Time's regulators feature:

  • Simple top-mounted knobs to activate FLUSH and REGULATE modes.
  • Bottom knob to adjust water column.
  • Patent pending water pressure regulation mechanism.
  • Better water-tight seal requiring less pressure than other regulators for longer life.
  • Easily accessible upper chamber, separate from lower chamber.
  • PDS-Compatible and Standard Models.

Chore-Time’s Simple PDS-Compatible Regulator works with the control to deliver plenty of water, even on the hottest days.

  • Set it and forget it! Simply lock the regulator in the regulate position and the PDS Unit takes control.
  • Now you can set the default minimum water column that will be maintained if air pressure is interrupted.
  • Simpler design is easier to manage, install and maintain.



  • Chore-Time’s Regulator is also available in a Standard Model.

    • Simple-to-use, top-mounted knobs are used to activate the REGULATE or FLUSH modes for each drinker line.
    • Bottom knob is used to adjust the operating water column at each regulator. 

    Chore-Time’s Large-Diameter Folding Stand Tube folds to protect both the tube and the ceiling during house clean out.

    • Water column is easier to see than ever before.
    • Larger volume pipe removes more air from the drinking system.
    • Unobstructed, large stand tube stays cleaner and is easier to clean.